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Please excuse us that we´re writing and discribing all other sites in German, but our english grammar isn´t very well. Nevertheless we hope, you enjoy your visit and will find a lot of interesting informations and documents.


Our different sites all deal with one theme:


The german armed forces thru the centuries !


We try to give informations, materials and documents to all kinds of german military history. Therefor we have prepared a new Collection - Sammelwerk Deutsche Streitkräfte - where you will find these materials free for downoad!


If you are looking for a special book, brochure, newspaper, single articles or photographs, documents and microfilms etc, than take a look into our download cataloges on "ARCHIVBESTÄNDE".

There you will also find informations how to order digital copies and their prices.


You can support our archive work by ordering printed brochures, E-Books and Photo-CD on our site "ARCHIVSHOP".

Each EURO of this orders will be used for buying new material - available for everyone!


You can also become a "Supporting Member - Förderndes Mitglied" by spending a yearly donation of 50,-EUR or sharing documents and other materials for all users of our archive. You will get a 50% discount on any order and also a free entrance to our "Fördernde Mitglieder " download site (When it is online in a few weeks).


Now, we hope we have given some basic informations to our homepage and our work. We´re glad if you enjoy your visit and we will "see" you here very often.


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